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Many of life's important events require some degree of planning and consideration: a wedding, children, retirement. These events usually impact not just the individual but his or her family members as well, and we find comfort in including those we love in major life decisions. End-of-life and funeral planning should be no different. You want to be sure that all of the details are taken care of, so that your family can take comfort in knowing that your wishes were expressed and realized.

Pre-Planning a funeral is simply choosing your desired services before the actual need of the service. Many families prefer Pre-Planning so that these details are completed and their family does not have to make those choices at the time of their passing. It also ensures that you receive the services you wish and doesn't leave your family wondering if they made the right choice. It seems a million questions need to be answered when someone passes away, and all in a very short period of time. With a Pre-Planned funeral, many of the answers to those questions are already on file with our funeral home. Your family can have peace of mind, spending time comforting each other after their loss.

Many families also choose to Pre-Fund their desired choices for services. As daily living costs continue to rise, funeral costs continue to rise as well. With a Pre-Funded funeral you can avoid those continued price increases at the funeral home. Simply stated, it is paying for tomorrows funeral services at today's prices. Your funds are held in an Irrevocable Funeral Trust until the time of need and is Medicaid approved. Many payment options are available, such as, monthly, quarterly, annually or a one time payment. We also offer the option of securing your funeral service with a pre-existing life insurance policy. This option is also Medicaid approved and insurance proceeds are used towards your funeral service costs.

We realize planning for a funeral service may be difficult to think about now, but we have found most families find it easier prior to the need of the service. We are here to answer as many or as few questions as you may have and to help you plan a service that meets your families personal needs. If you are interested in Pre-Planning please contact us to begin the process, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation on how to ensure that your wishes are met.